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Ari Eats Chocolates & Ex Boyfriend

Ari drops his Ex-boyfriend into a box of chocolates he brought over as a peace offering. Unfortunately the only offering is going to be the tiny loser served on a platter. Ari the Giant casually eats around his pathetic ex boyfriend, munching on the gooey chocolate, commenting how yummy they feel inside his wet mouth and going down this throat. The camera even pans so you see his Adams' apple bob up and down as the food is digested. "Uh oh, almost got you little guy. Better watch out haha!" Ari then chugs a 1/2 gallon of milk piggishly, and continues to eat all the candies until there's only one left. He giggles as he picks it up, places his ex inside the piece, and stuffs it inside his cavernous mouth. "I thought I should should give you one last kiss." The little is tossed inside back and forth on the giant tongue, before being swallowed whole. "Happy Valentine's Day haha"


9 minutes

Ari Eats Chocolates & Ex Boyfriend

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