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Ari Double Feature: Verbal Giant Domination & Swallowing Tiny

15 minutes


THEMES: Verbal, Giants, Shrinking, POV, Barefeet Crushing, Mouthplay, Vore, Revenge, Digestion Taunting


Get two (2) Ari videos in one! Start off with Ari sitting on his bed barefoot, talking about how he became a Giant. "Everyone started becoming shorter and shorter, and I'm growing. And then all the buildings were pretty much ankle height to me. And I felt this RUSH of power!" His sweaty feet are all in your face as he keeps talking about his experience, hearing screaming as he stomps tinies accidentally. But he still finds it funny. "I don't care. There's not the same as me."


He continues to reminisce about how clumsy he was as he kept knocking over buildings. This is a very verbal video, along with the fact that Ari not only lays back on the bed, he stands over you with his huge 14s looming over you as he laughs more and more about what it was like to be a Giant. AMAZING lighting (sunlight reflects this God) and Ari's feet never looked so big coming down on you. 


In the second video, in POV, Ari taunts a poor tiny at his mercy. "Aww look at you. Tiny little morsel. I have a surprise for you! Of all the millions of people, all the ant people in the city, I picked YOU for a meal hahaha!" Ari's gigantic face looms over you, his thick lips and tongue showing as he toys with you. He then asks the name of the bug he's about to devour. "Nice to meet you Kyle!" The Giant opens his mouth wide, laughing how the poor little loser is going to be trapped on his tongue, and will soon go down his throat. He makes biting motions towards poor Kyle, ready to eat him but having fun playing the scare game first. "You're gonna be right here in the back of my throat, and kicking and screaming and trying to fight it haha. But there's no fighting it. One of the benefits of being a Giant I guess." Lots of tongue play, teeth chomping, and detailed verbal explanation about how Kyle will be eventually swallowed whole. "You'll be in my belly. It's gonna be dark, and it's gonna be humid, and it's gonna be painful haha not gonna lie to you."


NOTE: These are two (2) separate videos in one! The Giant Foot Verbal Domination is 8 minutes, and the Swallow video is 7 minutes. 

Ari Double Feature: Verbal Giant Domination & Swallowing Tiny

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