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AlexZilla Stomps Tiny City

It's the clip you've been WAITING for- Alex as an actual GIANT! Thundering footsteps are heard as this colossus jock stomps into a living room and discovers a tiny, pathetic city at his huge feet. Wearing beach shoes, he taunts how puny the town is, and then in slow motion- so you HEAR the power of his soles- he kicks the buildings over one by one. "Oops!! Haha sorry about that!" He then playfully puts the city back up, and then kicks it over again. When he's down messing with the buildings, it's off to messing with the tiny people. His beach shoes have been slid off to reveal his smelly, sweaty feet. He stomps and slides the littles over his toes- all the time laughing uncontrollably about how he's a Giant, similar to the Beanstalk. Once the people have been humiliated, Alex goes to town by stomping two little cars over and over. They're quite damaged by the end of his wrath. A VERY intense, versatile clip that combines special effects with your favorite verbal and physical actions.


15 minutes

AlexZilla Stomps Tiny City

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