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Alex UnCut: Barefoot Stomping, Vore, Butt Crush, Gummies

41 minutes, 30 seconds


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crushing, POV, Underfoot Glass Smothering, Vore, Mouth Play, Gummies, Verbal, UnCut- Director's feedback included


Get Alex in the Ultimate Package- with three (3) uncut, raw clips with unseen footage and the director's feedback- so you can see the actor's process. Begin with Alex's most sold clip to date- Butt Crushing helpless tiny losers. Alex has shrunken down his teammates, and after messing around with them with his big feet, he proceeds to sit on them over and over again- showing off his massive pecks, body and abs before suffocating them under his ass. POV Glass let's you feel like you're right underneath it all. Next, get Alex swallowing and tiny gummy bears. One by one the Giant Jock eats them and laughs as they go down into his tummy. They're nothing compared to this muscle God. End with Alex stomping and destroying a whole city- starting with buildings, then people, then cars. It's AlexZilla like you've never seen before! NOTE: This set contains previously uploaded videos in their raw content- AlexZilla Stomps Tiny City, Alex Eats Helpless Gummy Bears, and Alex Stomps & Butt Crushes Tiny Teammates. 

Alex UnCut: Barefoot Stomping, Vore, Butt Crush, Gummies

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