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Alex Stomps & Butt Crushes Tiny Teammates

Alex the cocky Giant flexes his impeccable muscles and mocks his 1 inch tall teammates. His tanned skinned, delicious pecks and tight ass are perfect for this sharp and fluent scene. We begin with him taking off his shirt, showing off his stomach and mocking the camera. "Ha, I'm a Giant! Fucking worthless teammates!" He puts one of them inbetween his muscles and flexes with him on his arm. He then sits on stool, and kicks off his sexy beach shoes to reveal his masculine, sweaty feet. He plays with the teammates around his toes, before throwing them on a glass table and stomping them over and over again- with you getting POV shots the entire time. To end their misery, Alex shows off his amazing posterior, and then begins crushing the tinies. Not only crushing them, but casually just sitting on them- where they're forced to be stuck underneath this Giant's ass for as long as he wants. As he laughs, and you can see the tinies pressed up against the center of his buttocks. He gets up and sits back on them a few more times just to humor himself. HOT clip, verbal action, and Alex looking better then he's ever before! Not to be missed


12 minutes

Alex Stomps & Butt Crushes Tiny Teammates

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