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Adam's Unaware Foot Crush & Candy Vore

Adam the Giant Jock stomps in cluelessly, as his barefeet begin thudding down on candy and gummy bears. Earlier the jock had shrunken down his teammates for losing the big game. Little does he know they're now scattered across his apartment. In a hot slow-mo sequence, the jock unawarely lands his barefeet on the scattered little bunch. 


In the next scene, Adam has the rest of his shrunken crew in a Halloween bucket. Transformed into chocolate candy.  "How does it feel to be at the bottom of the pumpkin bucket? Haha." Adam reaches in and eats another teammate. They easily fall into his big mouth. "You fucked up the game real hard, dude. We were all counting on you!" Pops the loser in his maw. Adam sits back after eating a few, rubbing his muscular belly. He picks two up at once. "Drew- Andy! Ready to go down?" Down the hatch they go as well. "Aw man. You guys feel so good in my stomach!" He bloats it in and out, breathing hard. "My stomach is so bloated now dude. All these players in there!" He smacks his gut again. 


In a hot finale, Adam takes a broom and starts sweeping up his poor gummy teammates. "Like that Honey I Shrunk movie haha. Except instead of a Giant ass Dad, it's a Giant ass Jock!" In intense slow mo sequences, we see the broom pounding hard as hear enhanced sounds of the candies and dust being swept together like they're nothing. "You guys are makin my feet dirty!" Adam taunts. In only his tight black briefs, he continues to sweep the losers. 


The jock finally takes a dustpan and finishes them off, throwing them, plastic spoons, hairs and dirt into the pan and then throwing them in the trash can. "That's where they belong." 


14 minutes, 30 sec

Adam's Unaware Foot Crush & Candy Vore

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