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Adam Watches TV Barefoot: Verbal, Giants, Food Stuffing

13 minutes


THEMES: Barefoot, Verbal, Taunting, Food Stuffing, POV


Adam kicks back on the bed barefoot, shirtless and hungry. Eating donuts and talking with his mouth full, he taunts the TV he is watching. Movies about Giants swallowing tiny guys, including his poor little roommate Oliver- who somehow has gotten trapped inside and is now getting eaten over and over again. Adam can't help but mock him. "Haha stupid ass Oliver! You're in the Giant's belly now dude." His smelly barefeet are right in POV of the camera. "Yeah, my feet fuckin stink today too." 

Experimental video, with lots of verbal from Adam, trigger words like "oops!" are used, and he does burp a few times. LOTS of barefeet shots of this gorgeous hunk. And he eats a lot too. 


NOTE: Filmed in 2019.

Adam Watches TV Barefoot: Verbal, Giants, Food Stuffing

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