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Adam Stomps & Dances on Shrunken Teddy Bear

Custom Video! Adam and Nick were rivals in college sports. But that all changes when Adam gets a package in the mail.


"Finally got my package in the mail! Looks like it's my old football rival, Nick! That's what you get for talking tough! Get turned into a fucking Teddy bear haha." Adam throws the package on the table and lifts the poor bear to his face. He punches the teddy in the nose hard. "How does that feel buddy haha!"


Adam then says he's been working all day. "Nick why don't you get on the floor and smell my fucking dirty boots!" He throws the bear on the floor next to his massive feet. He stomps on poor Nick with his boots before unlacing them. "Lick these boots man." He rubs them against him before getting bored fast.  "Gotta take these boots off. Long ass day at work." Wearing blue jeans and no shirt now, he plants his dirty white socks on the teddy. "Sniff them. Loser. This is what you get." He begins marching in place on him. "Left right left! Right left Right haha!" Soon the jock has taken the stuffed rival and thrown him on the coffee table. Sitting in his masculine leather chair, he kicks up his stinky white socks and land them on him. "Stinky ass socks." Rubbing them on the teddy more. 


Soon the jock removes his smelly socks without even using his hands. His sweaty barefeet now are on the bear, along with the crumpled up socks next to him. The jock has no mercy. "Not like college is it? Finally get to have my way with you haha." He has his hands behind his had with his blue jeans on, barefeet using the stuffed toy like a footstool. 


After drinking some juice, Adam isn't finished humiliating his ex-teammate. "I feel like dancing for some reason." And he does just that- as club music begins to play, Adam's huge barefeet dance all over poor Nick. The jock even does some smooth twists, but mostly his toes end up smothering more of the bear and the music continues to play. After the workout, Adam sits on the floor. "That wiped me out. Smell my toes dude. Yeah all stinky now!" To finalize Nick's punishment, Adam simply stands up and starts drill sergeant stomping again, his smelly barefeet plummeting over the bear. "Right, left, right, left!" An intense, very unique scene that once again brings a Teddy Bear into the mix of humiliation. 


14 minutes

Adam Stomps & Dances on Shrunken Teddy Bear

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