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Adam's Stinky Pits, Feet & Butt Crushing

CUSTOM! Adam returns from the gym sweaty and exhausted, wearing his gym shorts and discovering his roommate, Dave, looking up at him. "Aw dude I stink so bad." The jock says, smelling his own armpits. "Smell my pits Dave. You smell that haha?" After getting Dave to smell them intensely, Adam takes off his gym shoes. He even picks one up and gives it a strong whiff. "Aw dude! MY feet stink too! Fuck they smell terrible." He continues to take off his gym shorts, revealing he has on only tight black boxers. "Aw dude, Dave are you smelling this??"


"Yeah I did squats today at the gym. Lifted really heavy. Did arms too." Adam says this as he flexes his massive muscles. Adam then starts doing squats right in front of Dave. "I'll show you how it's done." As he starts squatting, you see how ripped and in perfect shape the jock is in. Especially his amazing posterior. "I'm gonna sit on you now dude", the Giant Jock says. In amazing POV angles, he towers over the twerp, and begins grunting again as he starts squatting - this time right on Dave. "Yeah you getting suffocated in my ass?" The Giant even bounces on the chair a few times.


Adam is also gassy. "From all those protein shakes." He starts letting some farts rip. Hs continues to squat up and down, letting the gas release from his ass. "Oh man that was a good one haha." The fabric of his tight briefs right up close for poor Dave to smell.


"You want me to stop crushing you with my ass? OOPS! Not gonna happen." Poor Dave is now shrunk to an inch tall, lying on the coffee table. As the jock sits on him again. "My stinky fuckin ass! MY stinky fucking body! Yeah dude, take it in." He mushes the loser between his butt cheeks, smothering him. Adam keeps taunting him. "You like his sweaty ass Dave huh? So smelly. My pits smell so bad too. My whole fucking body reeks!" After sitting on him a little longer, the Giant stands up and smirks down at Dave. "Ready to get stomped by my stinky feet?" He massive sweaty foot pounds down on the loser, trapping him between the soles and the glass table. "Brt you like that don't you? My Giant stinky ass feet." The sweat stains are evident on the jock as he big toes wiggle and rub on the loser. "Smell the other one now. Smells bad right?"


It's time to go back to a soccer match. "You're coming with me to the game", Adam teases- smashing his smelly white socks in the tiny's face before dropping him in the sock and putting his sweaty gym shoes back on. 


NOTE: Background direction has been muted in some areas, causing a change in the sound. This is to allow you to enjoy the full effect of the angles in the video without cameraman interruption. 


12 minutes

Adam's Stinky Pits, Feet & Butt Crushing

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