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Adam's Belly Bloat & Swallowing Tiny

Custom Video! "Mmm I fucking love grapes", says Adam. With just a towel wrapped around him, he's returned from a swim and notices an inch tall man at his kitchen table next to his after workout fruit. "Are you like even a person? You're like the size of this grape haha." Adam first just picks up the intruder and licks his lips. He then slowly begins licking the tiny. He describes how he's going to swallow the intruder "all the way down my throat", pointing out his muscular chest and stomach. Playfully, he lifts him towards his maw. "AHHHHH" making mocking noises like he's opening wide for a snack. Too bad the intruder is about to be just that!


Finally the jock just tosses him in. Moaning in pleasure as the loser is flipped around on Adam's massive pink tongue. "Mmm, you taste so good buddy. Bout to go down my throat." He takes him back out and licks on him. Then back in he goes, this time being completely incased by the jock's mouth. The huge tongue starts making fast movements around the cheeks, that are now bulging as if Adam is chewing gum. He continues to moan and toss him around. 


Adam then swallows the intruder whole. But he takes his time. "Swallowing you down to my stomach, just like a grape." The neck is shown gulping him down and then to the jock's musclar abs. He bloats his belly out and then continues to eat more grapes. "You like these grapes going down on top of you buddy? They're just like your friends haha." Adam gets a case of the hiccups too, causing his belly to bounce. All this digestion is clearly making the jock tired, as he lazily continues to mock the intruder while acting nonchalant. "Oops! Sorry buddy. I can feel you in my stomach bouncing around." Adam does some intense belly bloating now, where you can hear him deep breathing and exhaling and see his massive stomach go up and down. After a few more hiccups, slaps on the belly, and yawns- the exhausted jock has digested the runt. "That'll teach you intruders to come into my house again." He walks away. 


13 minutes

Adam's Belly Bloat & Swallowing Tiny

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