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Adam Foot Tortures Shrunken Roommate

Adam had a roommate named Oliver, who happened to be only an inch tall. The story begins at the dining room table- where the ruthless jock has Oliver pinned down by his hands. "Dude you're so fucking small. My thumb is bigger then you haha." The jock appears lax, mannish and completely uncaring. His masculinity is apparent to the point that he doesn't even have to do much with his hands (or later feet) to cause terror in the poor little guy. Adam is a real Giant God. "I'm literally a Giant to you Oliver. You're literally a midget." The jock simply uses his hand to bang him over and over again on the table. "Girls just laugh at you when we go to the bar haha. You must be ashamed of yourself."


Adam suddenly places a red car on the table. "Is this your car dude? Your tiny fucking little car haha." He starts running it around the table, threatening to run Oliver down. "Oops! Did your car run you over, little bitch? Aww dude, I'm so sorry." Adam smirks and purposely makes the car wheels run right over the runt. 


Next Adam places the car on the ground. Wearing only sports gym shorts, he's shirtless. His ripped abs showing. His gym shoes start moving the car. "I'm like a fucking Giant to you dude! And your little ass car! Oh you don't want me to step on your car buddy? Huh- you little bitch?" He places his massive shoe on the car. "Be careful Oliver or I might smash it. Maybe if you were a little bigger you could stop me." Before the tiny can even squeak, the Giant jock's shoe comes smashing down on the red car- in slow motion hardness. The vehicle is instantly cracked and broken. But this only the beginning. "Stupid ass little car!"


Adam walks away casually like he won't stomp on it, then comes back tauntingly. "Fe Fi Fo Fum! Here comes the big bad Giant!" He abruptly jumps on it with both shoes, crushing it more. It's literally getting smashed to smithereens. "No more driving for you, little bitch haha!" The car is completely demolished. 


The torture continues. In the next scene Oliver is back on the dining room table. Adam towering over him. "So Oliver. The other roommates and me noticed you have a foot fetish. That's kinda fucked up dude. It's weird. But my feet smell, like all the time! Just got outta the gym. Feet stink so bad right now." Without a second's notice, Adam places his gigantic dirty white smelly sock on the table. It's like a building to Oliver. "Smell my feet Oliver. My dirty ass gym socks. Glad we shrunk you down? Little ass bitch." Adam wiggles his toes inside his socks. He has a smirk that just won't go away as the little man continues to suffer. The jock pulls of his sock and continues to taunt the loser. "Smell my sweaty ass feet. Yeah you like it." He picks Oliver up and places him inbetween his grimy toes. Literally between each one. Adam takes his other sock off, and slams it on the table. He moves it back and forth, showing off his meaty toes- clearly sweaty and rank from tons of working out. Soon the jock kicks back both feet, flexing his muscular arms behind his head with the tiny wedged between the big toe and one next to it. "So small. So pathetic haha. Giant fucking feet." 


Then Adam takes out some tape. "You like my feet so much, you're gonna get taped to these fucking smelly ass feet haha!" He wraps Oliver around and around in tape until the minion is stuck under the upper balls of Adam's massive sole. "Breathe it in Oliver. My Giant ass feet." The jock just sits back. "I'm gonna make you do this every day, as your punishment. This is what you get for being so fucking small. Shrunken down."


In a smashing finale, Adam the cocky roommate simply begins stomping him. "Never look at my fucking ever again!" His sweaty feet coming down on him over and over. He mocks him more, before deciding to take him along to the gym again. "We're going to the gym dude, come on." Adam drops Oliver into his gym shoe and puts it back down. Intense, rousing premiere for one of the site's hottest jocks to date. 


21 minutes

Adam Foot Tortures Shrunken Roommate

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