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SoleBoi the Giant Gamer: Feet, Armpit, Butt Crush

Starting with POV, you find yourself shrunk. "Oh hey!" SoleBoi looks down at you. "You got small because you didn't practice and got your ass kicked from me. You obviously couldn't beat the king." SoleBoi is now a Giant, sitting in his big leather gaming seat, and you're one inch tall. SoleBoi reclines, causing his massive 11s to get right in your face. "Oops, sorry. Did my smelly chucks get in the way?" His worn out shoes are evident in their wear and tear. "Next thing I know you're gonna tell me you lost on purpose just so I could shrink you hahaha!"


You attempt to climb SoleBoi's leg. "Haha what you climbing up my leg now? Oh - closer, closer"- the Giant flicks you back down. "OOPS! Haha! So sorry you gotta go back even further now." SoleBoi chuckles. "You better hope I don't crush you with my controller." The Giant continues to torture you. "Don't worry, I won't eat you. I'll just-" and he blows on you, causing you to tumble over. Then he flicks you again, his guttural laugh getting more and more audible. 


"I know what you really want. Let's take these smelly ass chucks off!" SoleBoi takes his shoes off without socks, revealing his big, stinky feet. The feet of a nonchalant gamer who finds all this funny as you whiff his massive soles. "Fe Fi Fo Fuckin Fum haha! I smell the blood of a little tiny ass runt." The Giant loves torturing you as he takes off his second shoe, throwing both up in your face. "Smell my stinky ass feet. You can never climb all the way up here!" You keep attempting, but you keep getting blown back down by SoleBoi. "Like Jack and the Beanstalk. Only Oliver & the Beanstalk haha." 


The next scene has poor Oliver under the glass table. SoleBoi loves smashing his barefeet into his whole body. "Oops! Sorry about that! OOPS!" Lot's of receptive sarcasm here, as well as SoleBoi also using his hat and hand to smack and smother the little loser who can't get away. The cocky Giant then takes his shirt off, and proceeds to put the little inside his smelly armpits. After that he simply butt crushes him, continuing the torture.  


This is one of JFP's most verbal videos to date. SoleBoi has a knack for just being a playful bully, and know it's going to stimulate you and make you want more.  


This video contains both POV and little plastic guy for multiple angles. 



18 minutes

SoleBoi the Giant Gamer: Feet, Armpit, Butt Crush

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