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Aaron the Giant Best Friend: Parts 1 & 2

54 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Foot Crushing, Armpits, Navel Play, Muscle Explore, Mouth Play, Cereal Vore, Interview, Consensual &,Nonconsensual Macro, Verbal, Interviews


Get the WHOLE Aaron the Giant Best Friend series and save money! This set includes both parts one and two of the incredible premiere for a jock that finds it fun to torture his best friend, who had begged him to shrink him. But as the weeks go by, Aaron becomes less consensual- and more greedy for power. All macro themes explored save butt crushing, which will be coming soon!


“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is the theme in this groundbreaking macro video. What happens when a nice guy suddenly ends up shrinking his best friend? Their relationship stays strong but soon Aaron realizes he is the one in charge… 

This 54+ minute video begins with two friends talking: Aaron and Jake. Jake is trying to convince Aaron about his new shrinking device. Not only that but how it can change the world. We explore the dynamics between the two and it is revealed that Jake only trust’s Aaron for the experiments. Not only that, but Jake wants to shrink around his friend and explore the world as a tiny. Aaron reluctantly agrees and ends up shrinking his friend. 

Jake awakes to a towering Aaron. The larger man astonished that it actually worked. He laughs and jokes about his extreme size. His feet like the empire state building, seeing the individual carpet fibers, and even asking about how his feet smell. He allows the tiny Jake to explore his body, the entire time commenting and taunting the tiny man. Even at one point saying he looks like a tasty morsel...but he would never eat his friend. Finally, Aaron comes up with a wonderful idea and places him in a plant. Letting tiny Jake fulfill his dream of exploring tiny. 

Later on we can see the mood shift. Aaron starts to become more brutal with his playing. Shoving the tiny Jake in food. Pretending to eat him. Bite after bite he gets closer to his friend only to stop at the last morsel. “Sorry bud” he says as he kicks his feet up. Those massive soles looming over his trapped friend. A devious grin stretches across his face as he stares at the pathetic man. 

A few days later the dynamic shifted drastically. Aaron has Jake trapped in a cage. As he plays some video games he taunts the tiny with his feet. Rocking the cage and more. Those massive soles threaten to smash that puny structure at any moment. Aaron then decides to go back to their friendly challenges. At his size, Jake has no chance. For the loss, Aaron decides to punish him. Picking up the tiny man, he rubs Jake all around his body. Starting with his bushy pits he rubs Jake all throughout, making sure to infuse the man with his manly odor. Moving down to his feet, he forces the tiny through his toes cleaning out all the filth caught within. He then moves and rubs Jake throughout his second pit giving him a reprisal of that horrid scent. Finally he has the tiny clean his bellybutton. All this time, Aaron is laughing and making fun of the now shrunken ex-friend. 

In the evening, Aaron has finally lost it. He no longer sees Jake as a friend but as a plaything. Dropping the tiny into his cereal he begins to chase the struggling man with his spoon. Bite after bite, those massive teeth crush and destroy the food. His predator eyes toying with his prey. With one last scoop, he gets the tiny jake and slowly eats him. The tiny man caught in the giant’s mouth. Aaron saviors each and every moment. Swirling Jake around, coating him in his spit. Really making sure to taste the fear coming off the tiny. But all things must come to an end. One gulp sends the tiny man down to his stomach. His once best friend now has protein for his growing muscles. Rubbing his stomach he smiles at what he has done. His conversion to a true giant is complete. In his last interview he tells the cameraman that Jake is gone. 

Written by MaxTiny@ Discord




Aaron the Giant Best Friend: Parts 1 & 2

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