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Aaron the Giant Best Friend: Part 2

28 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Foot Crushing, Armpits, Navel Play, Muscle Explore, Mouth Play, Cereal Vore, Interview, Nonconsensual Macro, Verbal


Part 2 of 2.


Jake has now been shrunk for over 2 weeks. His best friend, Aaron, zapped him down to an inch tall at his request, in the previous episode. Jake was promised that his friend would be fun and not try to hurt him in any way. But the moment the jock comes in with his baseball cap and football demeanor, it's clear Aaron has no intention of being good anymore. "HAHA! Alright Jakey. We're gonna play a GAME!" Aaron brings his little tiny inch tall friend into the living room, stuck in a cage. He is shirtless, his biceps and six pack clearly visible. 


Aaron holds a video game controller in his hands, and kicks his bare feet up by the cage. "How about if you LOSE, I get to do whatever I want to." Poor Jake is too small to participate. This upsets Aaron.


"You can't even get outta that cage. Stupid bitch! I thought we were friends, Jake. And you can't even get out of the cage to play games with me." As the jock plays the game, he places both bare feet on the table between the cage. They're monsters compared to the tiny. "You know Jake, I don't think I even have to win this at all anymore. I don't have to win at all. The question is...what should I possibly do- to get you your punishment?" The sarcastic Giant lifts the cage up with his bare feet. He pities his pathetic friend. "Maybe I could put you between my toes, and let you smell my stinky ass feet lol!" He pounds against the cage walls with his powerful hands. "HUH DUDE?? Give me your best! Jakey! COME ON!" BANG! SLAM! The jock has more fun with the cage. 


Aaron finishes the game, and easily grabs Jake out of the cage- toying with him up close to his face. "You lost buddy. Time for your punishment." He stretches his muscled arm out. "I always used to see you checking out my body. My muscles..." He places Jake suddenly by his sweaty armpit. "Why don't we place you right here hahaha! OOHHHH! I know that smells bad, I can smell it from here. I can only imagine what it smells like for your ass! The way the sweat FILLS your nostrils!" He continues to rub him up and down, tangling him in his armpit hairs. "You like that?? You nasty little bitch boy!" He then sarcastically lifts Jake to his monstrous face. "Aw bud, what's the matter? I'm your best friend! I'm just here to make sure nothing happens to ya!" Then he laughs demonically. 


Aaron then places Jake between his toes. His smelly, jock toes. Wiggling in blue jeans. "Aww little guy! I can't believe you thought I was gonna be "Nice Ol' Aaron, just being your friend" LOLLLLL!!" He continues to foot torture him. "When you're this small bud, you're my little Bitch now! And you knew what this was always right? From the start, haha." He looks both amused and angry at his tiny friend, who is now helpless. "You like these stinky football practice feet?" He mocks Jake, using him like a toe jam cleaner. "Getting them all nasty and stinky for ya little dude. There is where you belong, bud." 


"You know it's been a while since I cleaned my belly button out haha", Aaron mocks Jake- placing him inside it. "If I wanted to take my thumb, and pop your head off your shoulders- I could do it. Because I have power now Jake. There's nothing I like more- than watching you squirm."


In a post interview, Aaron looks pissed off. He's not the nice guy he was in the first round. "Jake has gotten...a little demanding. Telling me what to do! He's so small. I don't have to take this from him! I can do what I want! I'm tired of him. I'm gonna show him who he is, and what I think of him. After all that we've gone through, I think it's time to show him what it's like to be one inch tall!" He laughs manically. Psychotically. Aaron is drunk with power.


In the finale, Jake finds himself at the mercy of a big bowl of cereal. Aaron wants to pour milk into the bowl- with his best friend along for the ride. "This is just like that movie you told me about Jakey", Aaron mocks as he gets into his Giant role. "Honey I Shrunk Jakey ahahahaha!" He lifts the spoon to his mouth, and drops Jake back into the bowl. "I'm gonna let you enjoy a little swim first!" He picks him back up and puts him head first into a piece of cereal, laughing at him. "Now you look like the idiot I always thought you were ahaha!" He plops Jake back in the bowl, munching cereal around him. He finally gets his friend stuck in his mouth. "Don't move around too much in there Jake. I'd hate to hurt ya hahaha!" Aaron's big tongue is seen sloshing Jake around the mouth. The tiny has no chance. Soon he will be going into Aaron's stomach. 


"Time to take a journey Jake. And I know your vacation spot too." Aaron playfully lifts Jake out of his mouth only to drop him back in, his tongue now moving him towards the throat. He swallows him down. Bloating his muscular belly out. He laughs and laughs and laughs. "HIC! HIC!" A case of hiccups as the stomach bloats more, and Aaron seems full and clueless. "Trying to get back up Jakey? AHAHAHA!" He smacks his belly with his hand. "Now we'll be together forever! Best friends till the very end."


The final interview has Aaron being asked where Jake is. Looking like a complete villain, Aaron just laughs. "Well, he's gone. I sort of- ate him ahahahaha!" When asked how, Aarom demonstrates how he went down his throat and now is trapped in his stomach. He then threatens to shrink the cameraman. 


One of the most intense and proactive Macro videos in JFP's history. And easily one of the most verbal. Aaron never stops finding ways to torture his friend. As he verbally degrades him. 


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Aaron the Giant Best Friend: Part 2

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