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Aaron the Giant Best Friend: Part 1

26 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Foot Crushing, Mouth Play, Interview, Consensual & Nonconsensual Macro, Verbal


Part 1 of 2. 


Jake and Aaron have been best friends forever. Now that they're both  heading to college, Jake has a secret confession. He wants Aaron to shrink him with an invention he came up with. He promises his football jock buddy that if he allows him to be tiny and explore his body consensually, he will split the major endorsement profits once the device is bought by a major company. Aaron agrees, and at first is playful and has fun with Jake running around on the floor, climbing his legs and feet. But soon the jock gets power hungry, and poor Jake suddenly finds himself in the clutches of an evil Giant, no longer interested in turning him back to normal. Will Jake escape? 


The movie opens with Aaron being interviewed by a POV news team. "Yeah Jake and I have been best friends forever, he's great, dude! Into science and stuff. And like he wanted me to shrink him."


"Shrink him? Like how small?" Ask the team.


"One inch." Smiles Aaron. 


"What made him want to be one inch tall?" They ask.


"I think...hmm...I think he wanted to experience the enormity of the world around him. Like to treat his backyard like his personal playground." Aaron says this with a cool, laid back confidence.


"You might step on him too hard." 


"Ah no dude. He's my best friend. We just play around."


After the interview, the scene changes to the past where Jake asks Aaron to shrink him. Following this quick back and forth, Jake is now an inch tall and Aaron has a bemused smile on his face- towering over his friend like a Giant. "Wow it worked! I really did dude. You're so...tiny!"


In blue jeans, shoes and eventually- bare feet, Aaron walks around his shrunken friend laughing but having fun with him. After all, real friends know not to over STEP their boundaries. "BOOM! BOOM! AHAHA this is fun!" Aaron pretends to be an evil Giant coming towards his small buddy. "Better watch out, I might step on ya!" Aaron's feet come crushing towards Jake POV. "They must smell so bad!"


"FE FI FO FUM!" Aaron has now taken a liking to a role he originally was confused with by his friend. You can tell he starts to get a little more enjoyment out of Jake being so small- and fragile. Aaron even has Jake climb his jeans like a beanstalk, but every time Jake gets to the top- Aaron simply flicks him back down. "OOPS! Sorry buddy, try again! Climb my leg ahahaha!" Isn't Aaron supposed to be a supportive friend? Is he taking pleasure in pushing his tiny pal around now?


Aaron now has taken Jake, and placed him in a potted plant on the huge dining room table. The plant looks like a forest to Jake, who starts to feel that his friend is becoming more demonic, and less consensual. "Wow dude you could get LOST in there ahaha! Poor Jake LOL!!!" The scene continues with angles of the tiny hiding or seeing Aaron's massive smiling face between green leaves, and mocking that he soon can help him "with the money that was gonna go for your shrink ray. Don't worry, I won't spend it all hahaa!"


To finish his day with Jake, Aaron puts him in some food. "HAHA Waist deep in banana", the jock mocks Jake- now stuck on his best friend's breakfast for the morning. Aaron playfully opens his mouth to pretend to eat Jake, but "I'll just eat AROUND you instead lol!" He does this, munching the fruit- barely missing his tiny buddy. Aaron kicks his bare feet up towards his best friend, and the screen fades. 




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Aaron the Giant Best Friend: Part 1

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