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Aaron the Giant Baseball Jock

15 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Butt Crushing, Barefoot Smothering, Shoe Play, Sock Play, Verbal Domination


Aaron is practicing outside for the big game. 


“Can’t let the team down” he says as he continues his workout. The hot sun caused him to sweat like mad. As he stretches, he finds a tiny man in the yard. 


“Hey there” he says with a big smile. His eyes are curious as he stares down at the tiny between his hands. 


“I cannot wait to have some fun with you” he says. A sinister grin spread across his face. 


“You stupid bitch” he says angry that this man interrupted his workout. Pocketting the man he brings him back to his house. Dropping him onto the floor, Aarons uniformed body looms above. 


“You are going to develop a close relationship with my stinking nasty feet” Aaron says as he holds the tiny man close to his massive cleated foot. 


“You will be their every game, drowning in my sweat and trapped in my dirty smelly socks.” He says as he taunts the little man. Thinking of another idea, he drops the tiny man onto the chair. Turning around he squats down a bit. His huge ass blotting out the lights.


“Oh I bet you will love getting crushed by those giant fucking cheeks” 


“Yeah get in there and smell that sweaty asshole. Get real deep in there and smell all that post-game sweat” Aaron says as he bounces his ass onto the tiny man. Making sure to keep him right in the wet crack. 


“Yeah get real deep in there, I love you wiggling under there. I beat you can’t even breathe with all this nasty sweat” he says as he rubs the chair grinding the tiny man under his massive cheeks. Wanting to mix up the torment Aaron knocks the tiny to the ground. Standing to his full height he straddles the tiny man. His massive feet like mountains to the quivering tiny. 


“Look at these huge, stinking smelly feet” Aaron says as he steps on the tiny man. Pressing the head in between his toes. Aaron continues to taunt and make fun of the shrunken man. Forcing him to breath in his post-workout musk. 


“Yeah feel how wet my socks are. I want you to smell and kiss those feet you little bitch” he says as he continues to toy with the tiny man. Pressing him deep into his sweaty, smelly socks. 


Aaron takes a seat and really amps up the torment. Peeling off his socks and exposing his sweaty feet. Dropping the tiny between he smashes the man between his soles. 


“Not having fun are you” he says as he rubs the man between his smelly feet. Making sure to use his tiny body as a sponge. Picking up the man, he shoves his face between each and every toe. 


“I don’t want you to miss out on any of this” he says as he tortures the little. Thoroughly soaked in dirt and grime. Aaron has one final torture. Grabbing his slimy socks he drops the man in. 


“It's time I get ready for the game” he says as he slowly puts his socks back on. The outline of the tiny man glued to the bottom of his sole. He laughs as he continues to put on his cleats and finishes getting ready for the game. 


“Now that I got my new good luck charm. Lets go” He says as the camera fades. The sweat-drenched tiny trapped in the giant’s shoes.

Aaron the Giant Baseball Jock

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