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Aaron Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A

33 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Mouth Play, Vore, Belly Bloat, Q & A


Custom Video! OVER HALF AN HOUR OF Hot Vore Macro Content!


Silas (off screen) has a thing for being swallowed whole by Giant jocks. But he keeps it a secret, until one evening at a frat party he realizes he forgot to make dinner for one of the jocks. Aaron is not happy that the butler left uncooked food and a stove for him to slave over. Instead, Aaron verbally yells at Silas about the circumstances. 


"I am NOT eating this dude! Where's my fucking dinner?" Aaron is enraged. "I'll just eat this banana. Dessert will have to be enough!" He begins chopping up the banana. "I might as YOU. If I'm gonna be stuck doing any of this!" Silas seems quiet. But intrigued by this proposal. Aaron picks up a piece of the banana, dips it in syrup, and takes a bite. "You'd be a lot sweeter than this syrup."


"I kind of like watching you eat. I don't know why." Silas confesses to Aaron. 


"You owe me dude. I wanted a real dinner. You will repay me somehow." The jock is not joking around. 


"Of course. Of course I will", Silas says hesitantly. "I've actually always had a fantasy of guys eating me. But of course that's impossible. Though I heard you talking to the guys in the living room that you know how to shrink people?"


"It's funny you mention that. I've been dabbling with know, shrinking." Aaron pops another piece of banana in his mouth, his blue eyes staring directly at Silas.


"There's something about your mouth that intrigues me", Silas confesses. 


"Oh I'd be happy to give you an Up Close & Personal look", Aaron grins- opening his wet mouth slightly to show a piece of banana. "When I say that I want to EAT you, Silas- know that I'm being serious." 


"YO Evan! Where's the money you owe me for this game?" Aaron is mad at his jock buddy.


"DUDE SILAS IS A FUCKIN PANSY!!" Evan, a stoner friend of Aaron, screams off camera. "Have him pay you."


"Shut up Evan", Silas snaps. 


"Silas get BACK IN THE KITCHEN and get me my dinner!" Aaron yells again. 


A narrator chimes in. "The truth is- Silas liked the idea of getting eaten."


After more back and forth arguing, Silas excuses himself to the bathroom. He was worried that Aaron was telling the truth. Aaron claimed he could shrink people. So why was Silas so excited about the idea? He decided to take advantage of the situation. Silas approaches Aaron in the kitchen.


"Maybe, if you wanna prove to me that you can shrink me- you'll have to do it in a place with way better lighting. Like the bathroom."


Silas goes back to the bathroom and is followed by Aaron, who knocks on the door. "Oh Silas! Let me come in, you know you want me to." Silas obeys. When Aaron gets in, Silas confesses he wants to film Aaron's mouth under the shower lights. 


Aaron takes his shirt off. And his socks. He gets in the shower. "Aw Silas, you wanted to film my mouth??" He opens it up sensually, allowing his faded pink tongue to come out. "MMMM Dessert was so good", the jock moans like he's still feasting. "I think- I want something else." His lips are wet, red and juicy. "I can't wait to feel you slide down my throat, over my tongue, and into my perfect, jock stomach. Feeling you scramble, and panic from the inside. This is exactly where you need to be." He points to his mouth again. He goatee masculine over the teeth and gums. Aaron licks towards the camera a few times. 


Aaron then opens his mouth. "You like my wet, pink, WIDE tongue Silas?" The jock keeps toying with him, his tongue long and eager almost, for a meal. "It's the perfect size. You can lie right here." He points to a spot on his thick, wet muscle. 


"What would happen if I suffocated under your tongue?" Asks Silas, holding the camera.


"I wouldn't care hahahahahahaha!" Aaron's demeanor suddenly isn't so consensual. 


"What would you tell your friends if you ate me?"


"They wouldn't even realize you were gone." Aaron says. And then he shrinks Silas. Down to an inch tall. Now the jock is a Giant. Hungry.


Aaron picks up the inch tall Silas, laughing. And holding him towards his mouth. "AWW Silas! Do you believe I shrink people NOW? You wanted to look at my mouth tricks though, didn't you? I might as well give you a good look!" Silas then popped into Aaron's mouth, and rolled around on the wet, sloppy tongue. Aaron moans, licking him, taking him in and out of his maw. He giggles uncontrollably. 


"You like being on my tongue like that Silas?" The jock takes him out of his mouth just to ask, only to swallow him back down- this time all the way to his muscular stomach. Aaron gets a hiccup attack as he pats his stomach, laughing about how Silas's friends won't even ask what happened. 


AMAZING VORE VIDEO!! Special effects include size changes, sound effects and Film911's amazing Production Design. The 3 minute Q & A is a fun way to hear Aaron authentically answer questions about swallowing little people. 


Aaron Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A

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