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SoleBoi Swallows Tiny Best Friend

SoleBoi is eating popcorn. A small inch tall guy lays by the big yellow bowl. "Yeah I know I always made fun of ya for being tiny in real life. But I gotta secret- I shrunk you." SoleBoi giggles. He's now the size of a skyscraper to his inch tall pal, named Oliver. "This popcorn is good. You couldn't have any! One of the pieces might crush you hah!" SoleBoi then picks his friend up. "I could easily just eat you. Maybe say you accidentally fell INTO the popcorn!" He giggles more. He then tosses the tiny into his mouth. "You're mad you lost to me. Even skipping school to try to win the game. Against me? The King? Hahaha." It's clear Oliver tried to beat SoleBoi in a video game challenge. 


"MMM. You taste surprisingly good", the Giant says with the little trapped in his maw. When the tiny begins to evidently struggle, SoleBoi yells "Hey, get off there!" And spits him out back on the napkin. As the gamer ponders what to do with him next, he accidentally slams his giant hand on him. "Oh man, I didn't mean to do that! Are you OK?" He playfully does it again, toying with his food. He then tosses Oliver into the popcorn, munching around him, mocking how easily he could mistakenly eat him. Then the Giant gets another idea. 


"Hold your breath because you're goin' for a swim!" He then drops Oliver into the his water bottle, and the loser falls all way down to the bottom. The Giant picks up the bottle and starts chugging it down. In slow motion effects, you can hear the water going into the Giant's throat and see the tiny getting closer and closer to the mouth. SoleBoi slams the bottle down. "Uh-oh! Almost went into my big ass mouth! I should keep drinking." He continues, and soon Oliver falls inside, with the cavernous maw opening to reveal him on the huge pink tongue. He's eventually swallowed whole, causing his colossal friend to get a case of the hiccups. SoleBoi rubs his belly and breaths a sign of satisfaction. 


Hot verbal video about vore. Mouth closeups are limited. The over all video revolves around the verbal teasing of Oliver, and falling into the water bottle and popcorn. 


13 mins, 45 sec

SoleBoi Swallows Tiny Best Friend

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