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Aaron Swallows & Belly Bloats Tiny Guest

18 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Verbal, POV, Gummy, Mouth Play, Tongue, Belly Bloating, Hiccups, Manic Laughter, Special Effects




The item on the menu is French Food. Too bad it's a person and not fries that Aaron craves, when he invites his Paris Pal over for some din din! LOTS of mouth closeups, TONS of VERBAL.


Aaron really dives into this evil character, toying with him at normal size, then talking about their size differences for minutes before actually putting the loser into his mouth. Licking him, kissing him like a treat. Lip action is also really intense here. Aftermath includes hot belly bloating, and Aaron laughing harder and harder. Echo effects are added and it enhances the atmosphere, making you feel like you're the one stuck on the plate. A custom not to be missed. 






Aaron is excited to meet his new date Steven. Welcoming the man into his apartment, he starts up some small talk. 


“Hey, maybe we can do some French for dinner, with you being French and all!” Aaron asks Steven. Steven politely declines, wanting to get something a bit different then what he normally eats. 


Aaron leans in close, putting his hand on Steven’s shoulder. 


“Well you see Steven, I don’t mean we get French food. I mean you are the dinner tonight” He says with a serious tone. Steven just laughs, thinking that Aaron is joking. Yet that changes with a wave of his hand. Slowly, Steven shrinks down to a miniscule size.


“Ooh I can’t wait to get a taste of you Steven” Aaron says towering over the delicious tiny. 


“I bet I look like such a titan, I can’t even hear you say anything at all” Aaron boasts as his massive body blocks out the sky. His deep voice booming and echoing in the apartment. His predator-like eyes piercing the soul. 


“Yeah you bitch, I can do anything I want with you now” Aaron lifts up the shrunken man before dropping him back on the floor with a thud. 


“Aww did that hurt?” he condescendingly asks. Like a cat toying with a mouse, Aaron humiliates his tiny prey. His muscles bulged and rippled with every movement. He is truly a god to this pathetic man. 


“I knew it would be easy to get you here, I knew you just wanted to spend some time with a real man. Well, you got your wish. Is it everything you want?” Aaron says as his chiseled body looms above. 


“I heard French food is delicious, Why don’t we find out?” His face was hovering over the tiny man. Treating him like the tiny snack he is. His mouth drooling in anticipation of his next meal. 


Aaron picks up Steven, slowly bringing him up to his awaiting maw. His perfect body in full view as the ground shrinks below him. 


“It’s time I get to the main course” Aaron says as he hovers the tiny over his mouth. The dark, red cavern slick with saliva. The pitch-black throat looming in the back. Slowly, the tiny man is lowered into the throat. The tongue grows as he inches closer and closer to his doom. The individual taste buds in full view. Until Snap darkness. 


Aaron plays with the tiny man in his mouth. Pressing the shrunken person against his cheeks, the roof of his mouth, and more. He savors each and every flavor. Sucking and licking the entire body. He pulls the man out of his mouth and observes what he has done. Satisfied with the broken man he says


“Well I think that is enough for you” and pops the tiny back into his mouth




His adam’s apple reacts as the tiny is sent tumbling down to his stomach. Aaron just laughs and rubs his bulging belly in response. The jock pred lies down onto his bed and enjoys the struggles coming from within. 


“He was absolutely delicious” Aaron moans. He really enjoys the feeling of digestion, all the kicks and scratches sending a tingling feeling down his spine. 


“I can still taste him” He says reliving the experience of swallowing the man whole. 


“I can’t wait to do this again” He says as he continues to massage his stomach. He smiles at the camera with the eyes of a killer. The light fading to black.

Aaron Swallows & Belly Bloats Tiny Guest

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