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SoleBoi Unaware Foot Crush & Foot Tease

Get Two (2) NEW SoleBoi videos in one! Start off with SoleBoi the Giant, talking on his phone to a friend about not knowing what he keeps stepping on. From the floor his barefeet keep crushing little people, but SoleBoi is clueless to their existence. "I dunno man, I keep feeling something." SoleBoi also talks about how his feet constantly stink all the time. Eventually he hangs up the phone and walks around casually crushing the tinies, still unaware of the presence. 


In the next video, SoleBoi sits on the bed barefoot and teasingly pants you. "You like smelling stinky feet? Haha! Cool man. It's my job as your friend to let you sniff my stinky ass feet! Yeah, go for it." He smashes his feet into the camera, POV style, mocking you for liking the smell. Laughing that you can't resist his manliness. "OOPS! Can't believe your tiny ass love these feet haha." He sarcastically says oops a few more times to trigger your urge for more of his soles. His feet are thick, hard and rank. There's a lot of verbal action in this video and you feel like you're under his feet the whole time.


NOTE: For the Unaware, Slow-Mo effects are used. 


16 mins

SoleBoi Unaware Foot Crush & Foot Tease

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