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Aaron's Unaware Body Explored- POV

37 minutes




THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, POV, Unaware, Barefeet, Armpits (BIG TIME), Mouth Play (BIG TIME), Grunting, Verbal, Consensual, Toothache, Food Vore


Oliver has dreamed about being tiny for years and today is finally the day. His hardwork has paid off and he got his shrinking rig complete. Waiting for his roommate to leave, Oliver straps into his shrink suit and diminishes to that of a gnat. Testing all features, he flies up hundreds of feet and surveys the room. He is ecstatic that it works. Hearing thuds, he turns to the door to see his massive roommate Aaron back from his run. At normal size Aaron was large, however now he is a true titan. Oliver can only stare in awe as the sweat-drenched man stomps around the apartment unaware of his shrunken roommate. 


Aaron takes off his shirt and collapses onto the couch. His body red from the run as he pants to cool off. Resting back, his armpit is in full display for the little Oliver. The tiny man is entranced by the massive forest of glistening fur. Drifting closer and closer to the odorous pit. Right at the last second, Aaron gets a whiff


“Oh man that reeks” as he lowers his arm back down, almost trapping the little Oliver. 


Pulling back, Oliver continues to explore his roommate. Flying up as the massive man messily chews on some snacks. Oliver gets in close and watches as those massive white boulders demolish the food and turn it into mush. That wet tongue skillful maneuvering and toying with the trapped food before Gulp it is gone. The whole process was shown in high resolution to the shrunken man. All his dreams are coming true. 


Exhausted from the run and on a full stomach. Aaron decides to take a nice long nap. He lays down on the bed, arm above his head, and mouth wide open. Falling asleep, Oliver takes this as his chance to really explore his massive roommate. Carefully he creeps up the chest of Aaron, those massive pecs like mountains.


His jock roommate likes a hiking trail as he goes over the hills of rippling muscles. Finally at the top, he stares into that abyss of Aaron’s mouth. The hot breath washing over and blowing his hair back. Aaron shifts a little bit causing Oliver to lose his footing and tumble down the side and into the jock’s armpit. Those huge hairs like redwoods as he looks up at the blurred face of his roommate. Aaron is like a living demi-god at this size and there is nothing that Oliver could do to stop him. The alarm goes off and Aaron gets up for dinner.


Digging into some pasta, Oliver gets another look at Aaron’s massive mouth in action. More and more food is consumed by the ravenous jock. The belly bloated from the internal pressure of it all. It is then something horrid goes wrong. The suit glitches out and causes him to grow slightly. Unable to control his flight, Oliver lands into Aaron’s dinner. Not seeing the little man, Aaron bites down onto his roommate. Thankfully the suit makes him nearly indestructible but the tossing and biting from Aaron is horrifying. His tiny body this thrown around the mouth, shoved into partially chewed food, and finally 




Swallowed like a little piece of meat. Satisfied with his dinner, Aaron heads to bed. It is a long day tomorrow and he needs his rest. Little does he know that his tiny roommate is fighting like crazy to escape the gastric chamber. As Aaron dozes off, Oliver does manage to escape. His heart was pounding like mad and his body filled with adrenaline. Yet this couldn’t have gone better. Fixing the suit a bit he grows to 1ft tall and decides to reveal his feelings to Aaron. Aaron ends up accepting his tiny roommate and is happy to do more giant roleplays with him.


Adapted by MaxTiny @ Discord.

Aaron's Unaware Body Explored- POV

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