Aaron's Unaware Body Explored- POV

37 minutes




THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, POV, Unaware, Barefeet, Armpits (BIG TIME), Mouth Play (BIG TIME), Grunting, Verbal, Consensual, Toothache, Food Vore


Oliver has dreamed about being tiny for years and today is finally the day. His hardwork has paid off and he got his shrinking rig complete. Waiting for his roommate to leave, Oliver straps into his shrink suit and diminishes to that of a gnat. Testing all features, he flies up hundreds of feet and surveys the room. He is ecstatic that it works. Hearing thuds, he turns to the door to see his massive roommate Aaron back from his run. At normal size Aaron was large, however now he is a true titan. Oliver can only stare in awe as the sweat-drenched man stomps around the apartment unaware of his shrunken roommate. 


Aaron takes off his shirt and collapses onto the couch. His body red from the run as he pants to cool off. Resting back, his armpit is in full display for the little Oliver. The tiny man is entranced by the massive forest of glistening fur. Drifting closer and closer to the odorous pit. Right at the last second, Aaron gets a whiff


“Oh man that reeks” as he lowers his arm back down, almost trapping the little Oliver. 


Pulling back, Oliver continues to explore his roommate. Flying up as the massive man messily chews on some snacks. Oliver gets in