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Aaron's Little Foot Bitch

31 minutes


THEMES: Full Size, POV, VERBAL, Foot Master, Cash master, Muscle Play, Stinks, Smells, Working Out, Foot Worship, Eating, Hiccups (minor)


Living with a jock this snarky isn't easy. Aaron is better than you in every way. He can lift harder than you. His body is in better shape. He can do push ups while holding on to 250lb weights. He's also easily fed up. 


"What the FUCK Bro? So you're telling me this is ALL THE MONEY you had and you spent it on this dumb snack stuff??" He's furious all you both have to eat is an apple and chips. Wearing just blue jeans, he sits Indian style, and starts eating the apple. He also starts treating you more like a slave then a friend. 


"Ya know- since you like me so much- why don't you just SMELL my fucking sweaty, stinky ass feet you loser bitch?" He giggles, taking off his gym shoes and shoving his feet in your face. Various angles have the jock doing this to you. He also continues to boast about his superiority and how angry he is that you're such a dweeb compared to him. 


He kicks his feet back up. "I knew that all you wanted to do was to be closer to the ground. You see how gross my feet are? I don't wear socks- EVER! I let my feet get nice and stinky. I FUCKIN TAKE MY SHOES OFF so you can smell em, every day. I know you like it bro."


"LOOK AT ME- Im gonna change and when I get back, I want your NOSE on the fucking GROUND! I want you BELOW my feet! You like that? HUH??" Aaron is a commanding master with no mercy for subs.


Filmed Remotely.

Aaron's Little Foot Bitch

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