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2 Jocks Shrink & Abuse Loser Teammate

27 minutes


THEMES: Duo Giants, Shrinking, Doll Size, Gummy (at the end), Foot Stomping, Foot Worship, Butt Crushing, Wrestling Moves, Armpit Humiliation, Mouth Play, Vore, Financial Domination, Verbal Humiliation


Jason Pierce and Mark Summers star as two cruel jocks, who have won the swim competition for their college. Their younger bro loses though, and is upset. "Why do I always lose?"


"Because you've always been weaker than us", Jason chuckles. "What are you good for?"


"Mark, you taught me how to swim. How can you laugh?"


"Because you LOST haha!"


After POV taunting, the jocks shrink poor Timmy down to the size of a doll. "Now you can worship us. I think he likes it too haha! Smell my big ass winner's feet, LOSER!" Jason shoves his size 13s into his shrunken bro's face. 


"Fuck they reek. Yeah sniff em!" Jason taunts. Mark does the same, smothering Timmy in the athlete's feet.


The two then decide to drain the loser's bank account, and take turns buying things off the internet. "OOPS I bought a hotel room for the whole week! Oh fuck, I think I bought sports gear haha! HE LOVES the fact that we're powerful enough to do this to him!" 


After taking all his money, the tiny loser is back on the floor- as Jason and Mark taunt him more as they shove their sweaty toes all over his body. Then they take turns jumping up and down on him.


"Cannon Ball!" Jason playfully says as he starts butt crushing the idiot. Mark and Jason now wear blue and red briefs, matching in their perfect glory. Mark has such a thick ass as he bounces up and down on poor tiny Timmy. 

They even do push-ups on him before also making him sniff their sweaty armpits. 


Then he's shrunk to a small gummy bear, and after Mark licks him a few times- Jason opens wide and tosses the loser onto his huge tongue. "You should swallow him now", Mark says cruelly.



2 Jocks Shrink & Abuse Loser Teammate

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