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2 Hot Jocks Food Stuff & Belly Bloat

21 mins


THEMES: Jocks, Food Stuffing, Muscle Play, Belly Bloat, Verbal


Mark and new jock Brad sit at a table with a lot of grub. They plan to eat a ton of food. All of it. "Dude, this is like enough for 3 families haha." Both stuff their faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, and other greasy delights. They eventually take their shirts off, revealing their hot muscular pecs. They start getting full. SO Much food! And they start bloating their bellies out. 


HOT video that's 21 minutes of nonstop food stuffing from two of the hottest jocks on the planet! Verbal is constant. The jocks are open to eating more food, just let us know what you want them to chow down on!


Want a custom of Mark and Brad? Or either or? Contact us for pricing!

2 Hot Jocks Food Stuff & Belly Bloat

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