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2 Giant Jocks Attack Gummy Village

16 minutes


THEMES: Dual Giants, Stomping, Shoes, Socks, Barefeet, Vore, Spitting, Verbal 




Starring Cory & Slay Together!


"What the fuck? Where these stupid ass Gummy bears come from?" Asks Slay, lazily. Both him and Cory have their massive gym shoes kicked up on the coffee table. Both have smirks on their faces. At their huge feet are tiny, colorful and helpless gummy bears. Who have no idea what's in store for them. Slay mocks them. "They tiny as hell. I feel like a fuckin Giant!"


Cory grabs an orange gummy, giggling. "Little ass thing. Squish him with my fingers, and he pops back up hahaa!" Cory eventually tosses the tiny into his big mouth like it's a peppermint. Both jocks find it funny their huge shoes are like skyscrapers to the gummies. Cory lands one of his shoes on two of the gummies. "OOPS! Didn't even see you guys there, don't even care lol!" Cory even leans in and flicks the two off the table with his giant hand in one swift movement. "Little bitches!" Slay grabs some in his hand and pounds them back down on the table. "Little as hell", he shrugs- still grinning evilly. 


Cory and Slay kick their gym shoes off. Cory has sweaty black holey socks. Slay has holy dirty whites. "These filthy ass socks", Slay chuckles. Cory laughs. "I like rolling them haha! Massage my feet!" The gummies are helpless against these two careless frat boys. "They like getting abused by these dirty ass black socks. Dirty white socks", Cory mocks. Slay laughs about his smelly feet too. Both Giants are chill but dominant, acting completely careless to the poor village beneath their massive soles. One of the gummies sticks to Cory's black sock, and falls on the table. "Oops hahaha!" the Giant laughs cruelly. 


The jocks now get up close and personal again. Cory lifts a red gummy to his mouth and spits on it. Slay takes the red gummy. They decide to name him Jeff. "Puny ass Jeff." Slay spits on him too. Then Cory again. 


Socks come off. "Now they get to taste our huge ass feet haha", Cory grins. Both Slay and him peel off their sock to reveal sweaty bare toes. "Smell these stinky ass, big ass size 12s", Slay laughs down at the gummies- landing his massive bare feet on the table, once more claiming his dominance. Cory has gummies sticking to his stinky toes. "Guess my feet are gonna smell like gummy bears hahaha!" Slay giggles. "Watch this- put these muthafuckas between my toes haha!" Both jocks talk about how much they love being Giants. Their smelly barefeet all on the table. 


In the finale, both jocks tower over the gummies and walk and stomp on them, the little losers being smothered and picked apart on the hard floors. Each jock takes a turn saying "FE FI FO FUM!!!" Laughing carelessly at the tinies' demise. 


2 Giant Jocks Attack Gummy Village

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