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Personal Customs

Welcome to the Personal Customs order page. If you have a personal custom fantasy you want one of our models to perform just for you and NOT be put on the site, this is the section for you! We are currently offering the following personal video options:



Similar to the normal customs, only this would be something not uploaded to our main site and just for you! Want Mark Summers to say your name repeatedly? Or even a nickname you hated in school, but secretly want to be humiliated for! Want Lucas to describe an event in your life or job that nobody else can know about, but that would have you at the edge of your seat if the jock taunted you for it? Anything you have always fantasized about can be done*. 


Prices start at $15-20 per minute, depending on model's fee & content. This higher price allots for not just the model's fee, but also the producer and editor(s) time and creative effort to get you exactly what you want. Since this video will not be going on the site, there is no commission for the creators to earn. So the price allots for their creation of your product, as well as the model's price.


* There are to be NO requests for the crushing of any living animal, insect, or fish (Vertebrate or Invertebrate) in any clips, videos, or images, including but not limited to: snails, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, crayfish (crawdads), spiders, fish, scorpions, lizards, and all other living creatures. You may ONLY request a model crush food and/or inanimate objects.



We can edit pictures you send us of yourself and put you right next to the man of your dreams! A split screen will be used. If you want pictures of the said model to have his feet propped up with your face next to them, done! If you want simple art like you smiling and the model smiling too, no problem! We even have original music we can add for no additional charge. Each model will get your request on how you want him to pose and what attire you wish him to wear. Nudity is negotiable. 


Pricing starts at $100.00 for 10 pictures. 

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Jason - Creator/Owner

Technical Support

Please email for your Personal Custom package request. 
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