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Zach Makes Tiny Cousin Smell his Feet

Zach the cruel Giant jock is back, this time to torture his 1/2 inch tall cousin that happens to be in his path. Wearing black Nike AirMax shoes- he compares his little loser cousin to the size of his shoe. "You're literally as big as my shoelace", laughs Zach. He places him next to it, and then pretends to crush him by hovering his foot over his whole body, casting a shadow. Soon he takes the shoes off, and after making him suffer under black socks, he takes those off to reveal smell, tattooed size 11s- easily able to smother him. Getting used like a toy, the tiny is placed in-between Zach's toes and then back under his soles. After much torture, Zach kicks back on his bed and places him inbetween his toes.  "Smell My Fuckin Toe Cheese!" He keeps taunting him to smell his feet over and over again, laughing that if any of his friends saw him like this, it would be more embarrassing. To finalize the torment, Zach throws him into one of his rank socks. "In you go, Jack! Let's go for a little walk haha". Then he puts his shoe on, walks around with him for a little bit, and then takes his shoe back off, and drops the loser out of his sock onto the carpet. 


14 minutes

Zach Makes Tiny Cousin Smell his Feet

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