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"Where's My Stupid Tiny Son?" Part One

21 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking Virus, Unaware, Shoes, Barefoot Stomping, POV, Verbal Humiliation


SUMMARY: A shrinking virus is going around, and a jock father (Johnny Ford) can't find his son anywhere. 


PLOT: "Yo what's up dude?" Johnny Ford, a careless jock, can't seem to find his stupid son anywhere. "Yeah I haven't seen Oliver anywhere bro." He has his massive size 11 shoes kicked up on his living room table, and his athletic body is evident as he's shirtless. "I wonder if I should start to worry. I mean, I don't care about him haha. But maybe I should look for the runt."


"Did you hear about that shrinking virus?" Johnny continues on the phone. "Yeah the fucker caught it. Why didn't he just stay in the cage we put him in?" In POV, the tiny son starts to explore his Dad's body- the father unaware that this is happening. As he continues his phone conversation, he does giggle now and then as he can certainly feel Oliver climbing into the hairs on his leg. 


Johnny kicks off his gym shoes, revealing sweaty workout socks. "Yo dude my feet are so smelly from the gym. Just got errands to do today. I don't wanna keep track of my stupid tiny STEP son too lol!" He takes his socks off to reveal his stinky feet, wiggling his toes and he continues to be unaware of his loser son. "Wanna go on a hunt for a one inch loser?" He laughs. 


"One time I caught Oliver smelling the jockstrap I wore to the gym haha." The father's insults become more cruel. "He's so fucking pathetic! He better hope a bird doesn't swallow him. Fucking idiot. He thinks I love him. I fucking hate him. Annoying loser bitch."


After wiggling his toes and talking more about his sweaty feet, the jock decides to stay on the phone, but look for his son. "Oliver?? Where are you?" The view is now on the hard wooden floors. The tiny Oliver is there on the floor, but the Giant doesn't see him. Instead, his huge feet pound on the floor. This is when Johnny starts toying with the idea of actually BEING a Giant to his own son, and how funny it would be if he actually stomped him- clueless to the fact he already is doing just that. 


"I hope I don't fuckin step on him", STOMP! His huge bare foot comes dangerously close to his helpless son. "I kinda feel like a Giant..."


In a good ten minutes, we see nothing but the tiny and massive sweaty jock feet pacing back and forth, sometimes barely missing him- sometimes getting him. "He always liked my feet too, dude. Maybe he's just hiding from me haha!" He starts to even hop up and down on him. 


The sweat toes now start to smother poor Oliver as the Dad has more fun. "Fe Fi Fo Fum! Im gonna stomp my Step Son! HAHA!" STOMP! STOMP! The jock laughs harder at his dumb son's predicament. There is no mercy anymore. "BIG BAD GIANT STEP DAD! Coming to get you Oliver!" He pounds his feet playfully on the floor. Now the tiny is finding himself getting stuck to his father's soles, as they're so sticky and smelly. 


The scene ends with poor Oliver still not found. In part two, Johnny decides to have some cereal.

"Where's My Stupid Tiny Son?" Part One

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