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Vinny & Nathan's Smelly Feet Package

Start with Vinny, who has massive size 14s. He taunts you with his smelly, dirty stained socks first- mocking how smelly they are, and acting apologetic about landing them so close to your face. After peeling off his socks, he reveals his amazing, manly toes- wiggling them while laughing uncontrollably at you. After Vinny, it's time for Nathan. This blue collar worker has no problem kicking his grayish-white socks up on the bed before taking them off to show some amazing, meaty size 12s. Calloused and yellow from sweat and grime, Nathan is a true man's man and has no problem making fun of you for getting off to his big soles. Both jocks wear blue jeans and both are careless about their feet in your view.  NOTE: These videos appeared separately as Nathan's Big Smelly Feet & Socks, Vinny's Big Dirty Smelly White Socks and Vinny Taunts You with His Big Smelly Feet. 


35 minutes

Vinny & Nathan's Smelly Feet Package

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