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Ultimate Dwayne- Feet, Vore, Butt Crushing

CUSTOM VIDEO! "It's cool bruh. We all have a fetish. And you like muthafuckin Giants!" Dwayne has discovered his roommate's secret. He likes thug Giants. With the ease of a smart phone app, Dwayne shrinks him down to an inch tall and starts taunting him. "Run little man. Run! Can't escape this big ass Giant." Starting with his gym shoes, he stomps around the runt. Then he takes them off to reveal dirty white socks. Smelly and rank, so much that when Dwayne takes them off himself he makes a face. "Damn I got some stank ass fee!" His barefeet smother the tiny POV style. But the fun has just begun.


Dwayne then picks up the tiny and threatens to swallow him. He opens his massive jaws to reveal a deep cavern, tongue and throat. It lingers over until the jock playfully throws the loser into his boxers. Stuck in his front area, Dwayne goes over to a glass table and proceeds to butt crush him. "Hahaa you like that little dude?" After smothering him with his butt, he proceeds to step on him a few Times under the glass. Then he takes him into the bedroom where he throws him in one of his smelly sandals. Proceeding to also place him inbetween his toes. This is all proceeding a scene where Dwayne also falls asleep with the tiny trapped in his grip on a chair. The ULTIMATE Dwayne video!


24 minutes

Ultimate Dwayne- Feet, Vore, Butt Crushing

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