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Tyler Humiliates Tiny Bro in Cereal

In his most verbal video to date, Tyler the cruel jock brother is having his favorite cereal for breakfast. Too bad his 1/2 inch tall brother is laying on a napkin right by the bowl. As the Giant pours the milk into the food, he chuckles. "So do you prefer to pour the milk in first and THEN the cereal, or the other way around haha?" As he starts munching on the cereal, he verbally threats to eat his brother- laughing that he could easily fall into the family Christmas dinner and be mistaken for a meal. He compares him to other things, including tiny elves and gingerbread men, and as he eats he belches crudely- piggishly talking with his mouth full, as more and more food is consumed. By his second bowl, he drops the loser into the mix and eats around him, laughing he's enjoying the torment. "Maybe I'll just drink you, like this milk" Tyler says casually. Soon the tiny is tossed into his giant brother's big mouth, swirled around, belched on, and utterly covered in spit and cereal pieces. This lengthy clip truly explores dark fantasies of transformation, vore and being toyed with like food.


34 minutes

Tyler Humiliates Tiny Bro in Cereal

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