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Trevor's Unaware Foot Crush

Trevor has just returned from the gym. You're one inch tall, crawling around the floor. Wearing just blue shorts, he talks on the phone with his friend in his kitchen. "Yeah dude I just got home, and there's something under my fucking foot! I just got back from the gym- my feet are stinky too! I don't wear socks dude, I don't shower- but there's something in my toe." In POV, his massive dirty barefeet keeps walking right into you. But the Giant is clueless to your existence. The jock walks in circles around you, his big toes wiggling as you continue to be walked over, unnoticed. 


"I feel big, dude. I feel Giant. But there's something under my foot- I need you to see if I have a bug infestation. Do you know any bro? Like a bug person, someone I could talk to?" His feet continue to move around, and they're perfect looking. Even with the bits of dirt on them, they're fit for a King. STOMP! BOOM! Trevor starts to get more aggravated, and his feet now begin stomping! Closer and closer to you. "This is fucking annoying man! Two days now!" STOMP! BOOM! The Giant then sits on his wooden floor, still towering above you and continues to talk to his friend. "I just wanna stomp it out really! Maybe I should just put vinegar on em, make them extra stinky!" 


The jock finally notices you at the end of his phone conversation. "Dude I'll call you back." STOMP!!! No more bug problems. 


10 mins

Trevor's Unaware Foot Crush

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