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Trapped Under Shane's Big Feet- POV

14 minutes, 30 sec/(includes brief bloopers)


THEMES: M/M, Foot Worship, Barefeet, Slave, Verbal, POV


"I workout a lot. I walk a lot. I sweat a lot. And my shoes always get smelly and stinky. Big shoes, big feet haha." Shane kicks his 14s up on the bed- bare and sweaty. "I love having my feet worshiped." He starts rubbing on his toes, smirking more at the camera. At you, the slave, that can't resist his soles. "Yeah slave boys, get under my big stinky ass feet!" Shane is in command the whole time. "Doing what I tell them to do. For as long as I tell them to do it."


The jock gets more into it. His feet are thick, smelly and slightly dirty from walking on the floor. "Yeah, get under em you little bitch. You like that? Huh- smell my big size 14 feet." He gets more aggressive. Shane starts smacking his feet hard, like he would forcing your head to sniff his feet. He gets more energetic, intense and bossy. "Serve those feet. Those stinky ass feet right in your face!" He smacks them repeatedly, like a real man who demands respect and attention from a worthless footstool. The jock also can't help but to start uncontrollably laugh as he keeps demanding you smell his 14s. 


You're now under the bed- the feet closer on you. Shane is laughing harder. "Trapped under my stinky ass feet haha! OOPS! Is someone liking this? HAHA Not yet!" This repeats as he instructs you to keep going, to keep liking his big smelly feet all on you. You're losing control now. But Shane doesn't care. He continues to taunt you and even stands over you like a Titan, his big sweaty feet hovering over you. "Uh oh, HERE Comes the Big ass Giant haha!"


Intense worship video with Shane at his commanding and dominant best. He's playful and toying with you the entire time, sadistic yet still inviting- because he loves the power. Includes about a minute of outtakes.  

Trapped Under Shane's Big Feet- POV

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