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Tiny Infestation- Full Series
26 minutes
THEMES: Giants, M/M, POV, Unaware, Foot Play, Armpits, Full Body Explore, Verbal Giant on Phone, Ignoring Tinies at Feet, Exercise Warmups, Muscle Flexing, Mouthplay, Vore, Food
SUMMARY: Get the WHOLE series in one and save money- with both Unaware Max having tinies all over his body as he rests, to him getting a call from his friend and unwittingly stomping littles as he chats away. The cruel jock talks about what he would do if HE has an infestation of littles in his home, not realizing he already does! Scene goes into intense workout stretches, and a big cereal vore scene at the end! Almost a half hour of nonstop Unaware Giant goodness!

Tiny Infestation- Full Series

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