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The Jock Who Stomped Xmas

27 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, VERBAL, POV, Revenge, Cookies, Holidays, Foot Stomping, Gummy, Vore, Muscle


Aaron discovers you've given him a really CHEAP Xmas gift- a ping pong paddle, that's broken! The jock is furious. "What the fuck bro? Why would you get me this dumb ass present?? Are you fucking SERIOUS?"


Rather than get even the normal way by giving you an equally bad present, the jock just shrinks you instead. Now you're as small as one of the holiday cookies he's brought in.


"OH! I see you saw what I SHRUNK you for Xmas hahahhaa!" The jock laughs manically. This is no ordinary friend anymore. This is a Giant Lunatic. As you frantically try to escape on the rug, scurrying by the Giant's stairs, you can't escape. "THERE YOU ARE! COME HERE LOSER!" 


The jock picks you up and starts tossing you in and out of his mouth with xmas sugar cookies in the mix. "MMMM Soo tasty!"" You're covered in the jock's saliva as he smashes his teeth down on you.


Then he drops you on wrapping paper, and more cookies tumble onto you. He starts STOMPING you out, barefoot, with the cookies now turning into dust. He can't stop laughing at your pathetic demise. He ends by throwing you into a package, and slamming it shut. "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL XMAS." He continues to laugh. "This is the perfect place for you. Comfy? You're gonna be there for quite some time. Merry Xmas buddy!"


Aaron's back.


Filmed Remotely.

The Jock Who Stomped Xmas

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