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The Giant Experiment

26 mins + Bonus footage!


THEMES: Custom, POV, Giants, Shrinking, Transformation, Sock Play, Barefoot Play, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Mouth Play, Vore, Gummy Bear, Chewing Gum


This video is packed to the brim with VORE, FOOTPLAY, TRANSFORMATION, and MUCH MUCH MORE. This is a WILD ride.


Logan invited Jake over to discuss some…issues he has noticed. As the tension grows, Logan calls out Jake’s foot fetish. Jake stumbles through his words but Logan keeps pressing soon revealing that he knows about his macro fetish. Jake is stunned at the revelation but Logan isn’t mad, in fact he can’t wait to have fun with his friend. 


Using new tech, Logan transforms Jake into a stuffed teddy bear. At his new size, Jake is perfect for the massive stompers of Logan. Logan reveals in the power he holds laughing as he teases his friend with his socked smelly feet. He presses his huge soles into Jake and forces him to endure all the manly musk the jock has to offer. He continues to sandwich the little bear between his soles and talks about how awful his feet must smell. However, he is ready to up the play and slowly peels off his socks. 


Now barefoot, Logan wiggles his toes and continues to stomp and smash the transformed man. Standing to his towering height, he puts his full weight onto Jake. If he was anymore aggressive, the poor bear would be torn in half. He shoves Jake’s nose in between his toes and makes the man take deep breaths straight from the source. 


“Yeah you like that don’t you” Logan chuckles as he rubs off all his stale sweat onto the man. 


With a snap. Jake is transformed back and delirious from the experience. He is so excited by what happened but Logan isn’t done. He grabs a few gummy bears and starts to chew and swallow. Talking about all the things he would do if Jake wasn’t his friend. Teasing and tormenting his friend but showing the demise of lessers. The gummy bears are torn in half, chewed up, forced between teeth, and more. Droplets of colored spit splash down onto his chest as he continues to devour the bag. Jake asks what Logan intends to do with him and Logan smiles. 


The camera swaps and Logan is holding a piece of gum. As he talks to the gum it is revealed that it is a newly transformed Jake. Popping it into his mouth, Logan savors the flavor of his friend. He messily chews the gum letting the saliva bubble and pop in his mouth. He blows bubbles with the man and they explode all around his luscious lips and more. His massive teeth crashing down over and over as Logan continues to talk to the transformed man. Logan continues to say that he doesn’t intend to transform Jake back to his original form. In fact, from this point on, Jake is his bitch. 


This video also includes a wide variety of extended cuts to various scenes. More shots of Logan’s amazing mouth and large feet. Nice close zoom-ins and more showing off every crevice and detail. This is one not to miss.


Adapted by MaxTiny.


The Giant Experiment

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