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The Experiment: Will Swallows Friend

20 minutes 


THEMES: M/M, Giants, Friendship, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Vore, Muscle Play, Hiccups, Spitting, Drool, Q & A


"What's up bro!" Will looks at his friend Silas (POV). "I'm totally down for this experiment. You know, the one that shrinks YOU? LOL! Yeah sure dude, let's do this thing."

Will picks up a remote and points it at Silas, who begins to shrink. "Wow, that really did work. You're so tiny. But just to test run, let's put you OUTSIDE my body first- just so there's a clear connection."

The jock smirks, and drops his friend into his underwear. He rubs his hand over his boxers. "Are you enjoying yourself there buddy?" The tiny is pushed all over. "I'm so much bigger than you. In ALL PLACES hehe", Will chuckles casually. 


The jock gets bored and picks Silas up towards his face. "Ready to venture in? I know you are!" He pops the tiny into his big, wet, moist mouth and starts rolling him around on his tongue. Savoring him like he's a delicious first course. "MMM You like this huh Silas, rolling around on my big tongue MMMM!" 


The video proceeds to show the tiny being used as nothing but a tiny morsel for Will. In and out, back and forth he goes in the jock's mouth. The warm tongue is a moving muscle of power, and soon the Giant is also spitting and drooling all over his former tiny friend. 


Will finally swallows the tiny whole, down to his belly. He rubs it up and down- getting a case of the hiccups. "HIC!!! HICC!!! You're part of me now Silas! HIC!!! You like being a part HICC of me HICCUP!!"


Session ends with a hot Q & A with the model, who discusses how he would swallow Silas in real life- and how he got into the vore game. In particular, how Will and JFP first met.

Done as a commission.

The Experiment: Will Swallows Friend

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