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The Begging Position 3: Table Boy
20 minutes
THEMES: M/M, Consensual Worship, Wrestling, Contest, Bully, Roommates, Gay Foot Worship, Barefoot Domination, VERBAL Humiliation, Muscle Play
"Call me Master Max", the cocky 20 year-old taunts his roommate. Marcus loses a wrestling match to the massive jock, and in return must become Max's foot slave. He starts out confronting the stud about not doing enough chores- and winds up being the main loser who will do nothing BUT chores. 
"You're an OK foot bitch, I've had better" - Max chuckles, slamming his massive size 12s on Marcus's back. "You think you can keep all this weight on you? You stupid table!" Then Marcus falls down like a broken piece of furniture. 
"Oops, guess not. Try again loser- get back up." 
Max makes Marcus smell his sweaty jock soles, and begins the transformation of the sub from roommate to groveling servant. This is the first round of 3 Begging Positions that Max and Marcus do. 
Next round involves Max eating his dinner off of Marcus's back!

The Begging Position 3: Table Boy

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