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The Aaron & Timmy Show, Episode 1

21 minutes


THEMES: Giant VERBAL Jock, Size Difference, Timmy the Tour Guide, Magic, Macro, Bare Feet, Toenail Clipping, Humiliation, Comedy


Timmy is a giant tour guide in a realm of Giants. The few Giant’s of the land are literal celebrities due to their size and host many tiny tours. Timmy is on the brink of being fired after a few complaints and must show the CEO of the Giant Tours that he is guide material. Getting started Timmy starts explaining the life of a giant. Only a few moments in and he is starting to mess up. Aaron aggressively grabs the shrunken man and pulls him to his face. 


“You will be fi fy fo fucked if you don’t get your act together” He grunts 


“Oh sorry sorry sorry sorry” Timmy begs for mercy in the titan’s grasp. Getting dropped onto Aaron’s stomach he continues the tour. 


Slowly moving down the bed, Timmy gets to Aaron’s massive feet. His wrinkled sole is in full display as Timmy continues his talk. While describing Aaron’s feet, Aaron casually plays with Timmy. Using his toe to pet his hair, forcing his face between the gaps in the toes. Timmy starts to stutter and lose track of his thoughts as the Giant toys with him. 


“OHHH You need to clip your toenails” Timmy says as he snaps back to reality. 


“Yes I do” Aaron says as he grabs the clippers and continues to observe Timmy. 


Timmy starts to sing praises on the giant Aaron, talking him up and embellishing story after story on the massive man. Annoyed with it, Aaron leans forward and whispers


“You don’t need to be such a kiss ass” before going to clip his toenails. 


Timmy quickly finishes his tour and turns to Aaron. 


"What are you telling our studio audience?" Aaron asks angrily.


"Just that your nickname back then was BEEEEPPP!!! Isn't that a girl's name?"


Timmy hopes everything is still okay and Aaron can take the joke.




It isn’t good. Aaron digs in on the tiny Timmy explaining all the stuff he did wrong. He didn’t even help clean his toenails like he is supposed to. Not only that, but his rambling thoughts drew focus away from Aaron. Using the file to get the gunk out from under his toes, he rubs it onto Timmy. Timmy screeches for him to stop, disgusted by the actions of the giant Aaron. Aaron is fed up with Timmy because of this point. The little man complains and makes many mistakes for a tour guide. Without a second thought, Aaron decides to reprimand the tiny. Slamming him at the end of the bed, Aaron places his toe over Timmy’s face.


“Aww you're not scared are you” as he starts to increase the pressure on the little guy. The bed sinking under the weight of Aaron. Harder and harder he pushes until the little man is about to break. At the last moment he stops. 


“I think it is time for little timmy to learn how Giant’s really treat tinies in giant land” Aaron laughs and grabs the man all while timmy shrieks and begs for forgiveness.


Adapted by MaxTiny @ Discord.

The Aaron & Timmy Show, Episode 1

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