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TerryZilla Stomps Tiny Army

Terry comes out of his bathroom shirtless with only boxers, to discover puny, tiny green army men everywhere. A whole little bunch of tinies in fact. Being the Giant that he is, he doesn't even recognize them at first. His massive barefeet pound the carpet and soon you hear his guttural laugh. No longer is Terry just a jock. He's TerryZilal! And he loves toying with the tinies inbetween his toes. After stomping around, he gets on the floor and places each little guy inbetween one toe, wiggling them around and giggling. Then he gets back up and walks around with them still trapped inside his toes. Laughing harder, this Giant simply doesn't care. HOT clip, for any fan of slow-motion effects, no dialogue, and just a Giant Jock turning into Godzilla. 


7 minutes

TerryZilla Stomps Tiny Army

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