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Terry Crushes Tiny in Boots, Socks & Barefeet

CUSTOM VIDEO - Terry returns home to discover a box on his coffee table. It says "Open Me". When he opens the box, he reads a note that says "Open Box and Give the Twerp the Foot Treatment". Laughing at this, he opens it to discover a 1/2 inch tall loser trapped at the bottom of the package. He takes him out and mocks how small he is, lazily kicking his dirty, manly boots on the table and demanding tiny kiss his boots. He then proceeds to march in place on the tiny with his boots on. Soon, the boots come off to reveal dirty, white socks that smother the little in sweat and grime. Terry the Giant could care less. Taking the socks off, he again marches in place barefoot. He continues to belittle the dwarf, sitting Indian Style on the floor and flicking the loser towards his toes. Then it's time to drop the tiny inside his sock, which Terry does happily- and put the sock back on his big foot, and then in the boot. He now has the tiny trapped inside as he dances to music.


13 minutes

Terry Crushes Tiny in Boots, Socks & Barefeet

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