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Sage Vs Gummies

Sage lays on his bed with only shorts and a devious smirk on his face. He has a silver platter of poor little gummy bears, and he's hungry! "Haha you've entered a Giant Jock's bedroom! What do YOU think is gonna happen?" Sage proceeds to toy with them, dropping some directly in his mouth. Sometimes he spits them back out. Sometimes he fakes he going to eat one, or "play my favorite arcade game- The Claw hahaha" - using his hand like the actual machine to grab only the unlucky handful that will soon go down to the jock's stomach. He gets a few hiccups and also bloats his belly out, patting it as more gummies go down the hatch. "Im gonna use my tongue now to see what it likes haha", as his massive pink muscle comes down on the tinies like a huge shovel. When he's done, he pats his belly again. "No more gummies!"


12 minutes

Sage Vs Gummies

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