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Sage Foot Tortures Shrunken Nephew

Once upon a time, an evil jock named Sage caused chaotic pranks and games to all his family members. But not as much as he loved picking on his punk of a nephew. A few years later, Sage walks in his home shirtless and wearing just shorts and slides. He notices his nephew is shrunk. To only an inch tall. "Remember when I used to give you wedgies? Haha! Now my feet are gonna do the same thing!" Sage not only does toe wedgies to the minion, he also places him in between his toes, talks about their rank jock odor, playfully stomps on or over him like "the big bad Giant- Fe Fi Fo Fum!" In the bedroom, the torture continues as Sage takes scotch tape and places his little nephew "under my big ass foot - also known as your new home." He repeatedly wraps the tape over and over his foot until the tiny is almost invisible. Then he lays back with his baseball cap on and hands over his head- and taunts how this pathetic speck is trapped with no way out. "Sniff my smelly ass feet." 


13 minutes

Sage Foot Tortures Shrunken Nephew

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