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Sage Eats Cookies, Milk & Nephew

Sage the crude jock Uncle dumps his half inch tall nephew into a glass of milk and decides to have some fun in a game of cat and mouse- or in this case, nephew and cookies. Dunking the cookies into the milk, the Giant stuffs the cookies into his massive mouth- laughing how easy he could mistake his nephew for one of the treats. Licking the sugar off one of the cookies, Sage's big pink tongue accidentally scoops up the poor tiny and he's tossed into his Uncle's mouth. Rolled around on the soft, massive pink tongue- only to be spit out and then tossed back in. "Hahaha sorry little dude!" Sage chuckles, repeating the process. Drinking the milk right from the carton, Sage rubs his muscular belly- showing what a alpha pig he is- and that he could care less if he swallows the loser down to his stomach. Eventually that's what happens to his nephew. A hot, intense vore scene that shows off Sage's big pink mouth and deep throat. 


12 minutes, 30 seconds

Sage Eats Cookies, Milk & Nephew

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