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Robert the Giant Stomps Tiny Brother

Robert stomps into the bathroom to discover his puny, pathetic 1/2 inch tall brother lying on the floor. With his massive size 12 worn out Nikes, he mocks how he's like a Giant compared to him and begins moving him around slowly to toy with him, all the while teasing him about his minuscule size. Slowly he takes his shoes off to reveal he isn't wearing socks. His stinky, smelly barefeet now invade his little brother as goliath size toes caress and stomp him. Robertfinds this all the more amusing, saying that his brother is nothing but the worthless runt of the family and deserves this humiliation. After stomping on him and causing him to get stuck to the bottom of his beefy baresoles, the Giant Jock sits on the floor and places the loser inbetween his toes- telling him to sniff his stinky feet. If that's not enough, Robert eventually decides his little bro deserves to live inside his gym shoe. He tosses him in one of his Nikes and puts both shoes back and, walking around with the little trapped inside- and laughing that the little dude will now be forced to smell his feet all day. A hot clip, with verbal domination, POV shots, and a new jock for your darkest fantasies. 


15 minutes

Robert the Giant Stomps Tiny Brother

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