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Rico the Giant Doctor

THEMES: Shrinking, Mouthplay, Vore, Barefeet, Belly & Armpit, Verbal Humiliation


In Rico's big premiere, the jock plays a handsome doctor who treats a patient for his back and hip issues. "I read your records, and you're coming in from possible hip pain. Jake, the patient, complains he is tired of being told he's short for having this type of pain. "There's def going to lead to issues with your back, so we're going to have to operate", the doctor says. "Don't worry about people teasing you for being small. You'll get up there haha", he laughs at the patient. "I would dunk on you- just kidding. Don't drink for 24 hours before the operation."


The patient now is on the table and is given a pill. He's told it will help him grow some inches. Hours later, he is awoken- but sees a Giant face looming over him. It's his doctor, but now it's the size of a billboard! "Time to wake up", the doctor says. "No need to worry, but you're an inch tall!" The doctor picks up the fragile, inch tall man and brings him back to his office. "You're actually the most annoying fucking patient", he says- his 'kind' demenour suddenly changing to something much more morbid. He abruptly tosses Jake into his huge mouth, his Adam's apple moving as we see the tiny thrown down the throat from the outside. "What's the INSIDE of MY mouth look like dude? HAHA!" Rico laughs at this. "AHHHH! Tongue out, right?" He takes him back out of his maw, only to shove him on his wet, thick tongue. "This is what a man's tongue looks like", the Giant taunts. Then he swallows him further down his esophagus, and takes out his stethoscope- laughing as he hears Jake screaming. "Scream for me Jake haha, scream all you want. He's in my stomach now haha." Jake manages to climb from the inside of Rico's stomach back to the mouth, and the hot doctor hiccups him out. "How the fuck did you get back up?"


In the next scene of degradation, Jake finds himself spat into a prescription bottle. The evil doctor holding it close to his face. "I've been having these headaches, so you're gonna be a real good aspirin!" Rico then shakes the bottle fast and hard. He then lifts the lid off, spits into it, and closes the cap again. Now poor Jake is covered in his hot doctor's saliva, as the bottle is thrown into the mouth again. Then he opens it up, tosses the loser into his maw and rolls him around on his tongue. "Look at my big ass mouth", Rico says dominantly. "When you're done playing in my mouth, you're gonna drown in my sweaty ass foot sweat. Unlike any other doctor, I'm always barefoot."


Jake is then pressed onto the doctor's hairy navel. "Doctor Patient Confidentiality", jokes Rico. The Giant rolls his stomach up and down with Jake trapped in the belly button. Then he evilly grabs him and shoves him into one of his armpits. "Uh uh- face first", chuckles the Giant jock. "Fucking dweeb." He continues to force him under each one. 


Rico next lands his dirty barefeet on the table and puts the prescription bottle on his big toe, placing Jakey in between them. "You like these? These smelly ass feet huh? You like these Doctor Feet? These big ass Doctor feet?" He then compares his toes to the operating room. With the tiny now pressed between the toes. "BEEP! BEEP! HAHA! Just like the operating room loser!" Then the doctor throws him on the floor, his bare feet stomping around him. The verbal humiliation increasing. 


In the finale, Rico kicks back on his leather sofa in his office and is on the phone with one of his colleagues. "How did the surgery go? Well I'll tell you, I gave him medicine that was supposed to help him grow a foot and a half. And instead, he shrunk down to ONE inch haha! Check it out!" Then the cruel frat boy takes out his camera phone and snaps a shot at poor Jakey, trapped between his doctor's sweaty toes. He hangs up the phone and continues to bully Jake. "Smell my big toe, yeah it gets horrible in there. You like this though haha!" He then spits back into the pill bottle and dumps the tiny patient into it. "See you soon Jakey."


19 mins

Rico the Giant Doctor

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