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Raul the Robot

Custom Video! Returning home from work, a customer who purchased Raul the Robot finds him where he left him- lying on bed with just his boxers on. "He's so synthetic", the customer beams to himself. Then he takes out the remote and turns him on. With creepy original music adding to the tension of the scene, Raul awakes slowly- rising up and looking absently towards the customer. "Raul, can you hear me?" (the music now ceases for the rest of the video). 


"Hi Jason", Raul says dully. "How was your day at work?"


"Bad, that's why I have you to make me feel better." Jason says.


"You know, Robots are the future right?" Raul asks this directly towards him. The customer brushes it off and continues to play with the remote, including testing the Mute button. 


Then Raul is paused while the customer takes an annoying quick call. When he finishes it, he un-pauses the droid and tells him to get on the bed. 


"Do you mind if I touch your feet?" The robot doesn't mind. Jason begins massaging the thick, rubbery soles. "I had a horrible day at work today. Nobody likes me. I like robots better then humans."


"Ya, human sucks." Raul says, as his feet continued to get massaged. 


Something happens. Raul malfunctions. 


"Now going into the evil motion", he says- looking at Jason with a blank, evil stare. The customer is confused. 


"What the fuck are you doing?" Raul asks. "Keep touching my feet!" His obedient charms are gone. Now, he is a boss demanding respect from a slave. "Keep going! Do it. Do it aggressive." Raul commands. The customer complies. 


"Wouldn't you rather- just go on a walk or something?" 


"Shut up!" Raul snaps. "Keep going." The foot massage continues. 


Then Raul places one of his bare soles right on the customer's face POV. "Smell my feet." 


Raul starts to tease the client too. "Haha you have no friends! What the fuck kinda name is that- Jason? Haha." Jason threatens to call customer service, but Raul's feet are firmly planted on his body, with one sole showing the client's hand continuously massaging them to the droid's demands.


"Kiss my feet", Raul commands. Compliance again. 


In the last act of humiliation, Raul has complete control. "You are the robot, and I am the boss." He says dominantly. "You're gonna go get me some stuff. Some popcorn!"


"What do you mean?"


"Go! Go now!" The customer then leaves and returns with the food, and begins feeding each piece into the jock robot's mouth. He is degraded as he continues to obey the robot's demands. 


Hot clip with robot themes. No macro. Lot's of verbal interaction between client and droid. 


14 mins

Raul the Robot

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