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Prince Mark
CUSTOM VIDEO! Once upon time, there lived a cruel, spoiled Prince (MarkSummers) who forced his kingdom to bow before him. He often had them do his biddings, including humiliating tasks such as kissing and worshiping his feet. Fed up with his antics, the kingdom turns against Mark- banishing him forever. Or so they thought. Mark returns to his royal bedroom, with a handful of something. Indeed, it's his peasants. But they're now only inches tall. "You tried to betray me. And now it's my turn. I will get my revenge on each and every one of you. I am the Prince, and soon I will be King." Laughing cockily, Mark throws them down on the floor- and in slow-motion effects, stomps on them with his massive, sweaty feet. Stomping to hard we see them bounce up and down, hearing the thunderous noise from this massive God. After foot play, comes the Cup Game. Mark places the littles into three different cups. He tosses some into his mouth, and saves some later. He again throws them on the floor, marching in place with them- and grinding them into the carpet. He ends on his bed, holding a precious jewel. "You used to be my peasant. Now you're my ornament."A swift, quick and very polished trip into the land of evil, Royal Rules and a man too cruel to take pity on his small village below him. A part two is in the works.


10 minutes

Prince Mark

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