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Pablo vs. Teddy: Stomping, Butt Crush, Armpit POV

Custom Video! Get two (2) Pablo Teddy customs in one (1)! This unique, intense creation is brought to life starting with Pablo and a brother he hated. He simply turns him into a Teddy Bear, forcing him to sniff his smelly white gym socks and barefeet. He tramples the poor Teddy, and mocks him the entire time. "My feet are getting sweatier and sweatier now, marching on your ass haha." 


Round 2 gets much more intense. Pablo finally grows bored and goes to the gym again. He decides his bro is just the beginning of the humiliation. He turns another loser into a stuffed toy as well. One he met at the gym. Returning home, he's in a different outfit, now wearing sweaty black socks. The stuffed bear is forced to get right up into Pablo's toe, with POV style camera angles as the jock shows no mercy. "Smell the other foot now! Yeah smell my stinky ass feet loser! You little Bitch Teddy Bear haha." He soon forces to teddy to sniff his rank armpits, showing he has a lot of hair that needs attention. The finale has Pablo in tight briefs as he sits on the poor little guy over and over again. 


18 mins, 30 sec

Pablo vs. Teddy: Stomping, Butt Crush, Armpit POV

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