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Pablo Swallows Birthday Boy

Custom Video! Pablo comes over to his friend's house for his birthday. "I brought you a gift, open it." The friend is surprised to see that the present is actually a drawing Pablo made of a big Giant swallowing a tiny. Pablo reveals, in fact, that the drawing is symbolic. "See I'm the Giant, and you're the tiny. I found out your little secret!"


Turns out Pablo's friend wants to be shrunk and swallowed. Since it's his birthday, Pablo assures him his wish will come true. He takes a remote out and ZAP! The friend is now two inches tall. Pablo starts out by mouth teasing him, licking and drooling on him, making masculine growling noises. He then swallows him whole.


But the fun isn't over yet. "I want some of your cake haha" Pablo laughs. He goes to the fridge and pulls out a cake, and starts eating all of the chocolate dessert with his bare hands. "See now you can have some of it too!" The Giant mocks, as he stuffs all of it into his belly. 


Hot video with plenty of verbal and mouth and stuffing.


NOTE: Various side camera angles are used to get the full Giant effect. Not all shots will be vertical. 


20 minutes

Pablo Swallows Birthday Boy

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